Thursday, January 2, 2020

Self Awareness is the Best Trait—Get More of That!

Of course I'm biased--just because I highly value self awareness doesn't mean you need to. Self-awareness, is it nature or is it nurture? I dunno, see my last post for that.

I'm reading a collection of essays put out by the Harvard Business Review on Emotional Intelligence, and I found this nugget I liked, so I'm passing it along:

 "Such self-knowledge often shows itself in the hiring process. Ask a candidate to describe a time he got carried away by his feelings and did something he later regretted. Self-aware candidates will be frank in admitting to failure—and will often tell their tales with a smile. One of the hallmarks of self-awareness is a self-deprecating sense of humor." —Daniel Goleman

Self-deprecating sense of humor? I'm afraid I'm not smart enough for that...

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