Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Aspiring Productivity Nerd

I don't think I've earned the right to call myself a nerd on any subject, but if I was to some day earn the honorable title of Nerd (as in knowing significantly more than the general public about a specific subject), it would be general productivity. I'm obsessed with doing more, doing it faster, and doing it better than you, and everyone else.

The main things to do in order to increase your productivity are to eat right, exercise, get plenty of sleep and don't drink. 

I'm not able to check any of those boxes. 

BUT, to try to offset those self-control factors working against me, I specialize in keyboard shortcuts, organization, and quick decision making. I'm learning to delegate. I'm learning I need to turn my phone off, or keep it out of sight.

I found this post on productivity and I found it highly valuable. Like a lot of people I'm always googling for wisdom, and so much of the internet is such garbage, so I want to remember to repost here when I find something really worth your time. These are deep, thoughtful recommendations on improving your productivity. And you know they are good because they are challenging—there's not a get rich quick scheme when it comes to improving yourself. You've got to put in the work.


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