Sunday, March 20, 2016

Killing Distraction

I don't know how to do it, this post is only a lament of the problem. I squirreled myself away probably about a half an hour ago to write a blog. But I started with checking out the news, then I remembered somebody and I wanted to lurk on in Facebook, then I wasted way too much time trying to find a quote that was really going to make the post. Then I remembered a few things I needed to return and buy on Amazon, half did those things but stopped because I was feeling guilty for not devoting my time to writing.

The internet is a killer. Kills time, kills your attention span. I mean, it's also really great. But man, it's a killer.

I am a man of little free time--but usually when I end up with it, I end up blowing it. It's clinical. I actually have a theory on that one. If your life is constantly punctuated by all of the needs you would expect of a demanding full-time job, significant commuting time, a household of a recently pregnant wife & three kids six and under--free time, as in useful time for you to read, write, work on something--basically feels like an illusion. I can get started on writing or something, but I know it's only a matter of moments before a kid kicks a candle over and I have to put out the curtain fire, again.

That's why the smart phone is such a terrible/wonderful tool--it's happy to kill you 30 seconds or 30 minutes or 3 hours--it can entertain in as much or as little time as you devote to it. So my environment predisposes me to not want to really sink my teeth into anything, because I can't trust I'll actually be able to do it.

Of course the answer is, as it usually is--life is tough, quit your whining and JUST DO IT (whatever your "it" is). And of course it can be done.

Do you have any tools for beating the distraction monster?

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