Saturday, October 4, 2014

Today Was a Day Like All the Other Days

Influences of the day:

James Altucher podcast interview with Nassim Taleb
James Altucher podcast interview with Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist)
Radiolab episode: In the Dust of This Planet

Thought of the moment: Let's try to live.

Truths discovered or rediscovered/recovered for the day:

It's more about effort than it is about quality. You have to go through bad ideas to get to good ideas.

Things are changing—the center isn't holding. Things spinning out of control. Sense of meaninglessness/ennui/nihilism in the collective American psyche on the rise. Frustrating because this is what every generation thinks. It's what every person thinks. They are the apocalyptic chosen one. May even by the only one. Every generation thinks this is it, this is our moment. But could it be really true this time? How can you know that this is what every generation thinks and then seriously ask that question? We are human, we are all guilty of being humans. We are weak, lots of weaknesses built into the structure of our being. Survival shaped our minds and bodies, but in the future we need a different set of characteristics. Our minds won't catch up.

We have no real predictive power. We can't know. There is an ocean of things we don't know, which makes us elevate the cup of knowledge that we do have far beyond its actual importance.

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