Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Story

This story starts with an opening sentence. It accomplishes the feat of both capturing your attention, as well as being a magnificent explication of what clearly will be a complicated, tantalizing and rewarding tale. As it progresses you pick up on the author's effortless but substantive style. Before you know it, you've turned the page four or five times. You look at the clock—23 minutes has gone by, and you had no idea. You get more comfortable in your chair.

The main character, she is perfect in all the ways women want to be, and vulnerable and cute in all the ways that women hope to be noticed. She faces challenges, not altogether different from other women that you might know, or maybe even you, yourself. She tries to face them with a steady aplomb, but there just seems to be something missing.

Him. He is the jig to her saw, the missing face in the eventual adorable family photos. They somehow keep missing each other. The descriptions that you read of him cause you to muse on all of the potential romances that you missed out on, simply for the fact that time is finite, and there are only so many opportunities you can have in this life. How many people would have been a good fit for you? What would it have been like if you went left, instead of right, six years ago on a rainy Tuesday, while on your way to return library books three weeks overdue?

Much conflict and misunderstanding ensues. This is the world we live in, so far from perfect. So often the longing to be understood manifests itself in such unhelpful ways. It causes your heart to break, as the fledgling couple pad their way through the dark cavern of a challenging relationship. They realize their upbringing programmed their unconscious with ideas and notions they were not before privy to. But a hilarious incident at the company picnic leads them to realize that their differences cannot outweigh their unity.

The wedding ceremony is beautiful, perhaps overwrought. Six months into the marriage there is a misunderstanding they think pushes them to their limits. It is eventually clarified, torrential relief floods the home. We've been shown they really are going to make it—challenges slayed, they go on to their reward of a happy life. The story is at its end.

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