Monday, March 24, 2014

Standing Challenge: MSNBC Is the Mirror Image of Fox News. Discuss.

My Claim:

Many on the left despise Fox News, yet they love/appreciate/extol MSNBC. If you are going to be intellectually honest you must abandon your support of MSNBC—as it is simply the very same thing for the left, as Fox News is for the right. The only difference is that you happen to agree with most things you hear on MSNBC, so their bias is much more palatable.

Full Disclosure:

I have no dog in the fight: I despise all "television news" (an oxymoron) and pray thrice-daily for its imminent abolition—which would really only be an exercise of common sense. If you wonder why I feel so strongly on the issue, please trouble yourself to read Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves to Death."

Further Note:

Nothing new here. I have been saying this for years; I just don't recall committing it to paper, as it were.


If you will continue to watch MSNBC, or at the least think of it as something better than Fox News, you must state your justification in the comments section. All such claims will be thoroughly researched, and a response will be sent via registered mail to your residence.

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