Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nolan: The Interview

I was just looking at my soon to be four-year-old son. Inspecting, really. I was thinking about the literal magic that he contains, and I was devising ways to arrest his development, to keep him this way forever. To deny him his future as an adult may perhaps be cruel—so at the very least I need to capture who he is now, and never let my mind let it go. It hurts to see your child grow, develop, change. It hurts to know that I won't remember the majority of kind and beautiful things he says and does.

I can't stop his march forward into time and space. And I can't hold him perfectly in my mind, either. The best I can do is document and document. They will be small and feeble sign posts in an immeasurable conglomerate of years and data. But what choice do I have?

                                          (sorry for the watermark, had to use a program to shrink the video.)

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piper said...

Soo adorable! I'm happy that these wonderful memories are being saved for all of us to keep the memories of the sweetness ,only a child has, alive. <3