Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why Are We Here?

One of my heroes, who was a creative fount & toiled in relative obscurity for most of his days, passed into the undiscovered country last week. His contribution to my life has been immeasurable. Over the coming weeks I hope to flood my blog with his musings, and/or musings of my own, inspired or produced by his musings.

Here's a good one that I just found today:

"The most startling fact about anybody or anything in the world is not what it is, but that it is. To be black or white, male or female, musical or tone-deaf is small potatoes compared with the ability to be at all. But the most fascinating thing about our being is that it is unnecessary. There is no iron rule in the constitution of the universe that says we have to be; there isn't even a rule that says the universe has to be . . . The real thrill of existence is that we almost didn't get on the plane--but then somebody mentioned our name and, by George, here we are in first class." --Robert Farrar Capon, 1925 - 2013.

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