Monday, March 11, 2013

On Alex Trebek & Missed Opportunities

I just thought of a great nickname for Alex Trebek: Alex Quebec. This is a play on the fact that he is Canadian.

In reality this idea would have needed to be implemented more than 20 years ago for it to have a realistic chance of catching on. That's the thing about nicknames--they're generally earned early in one's life/career.

Do I feel as if I've somehow been "cheated" out of a good, perhaps even money-making idea? Yes, of course I do. It is not my fault that I was not in my creative and intellectual prime when Alex Trebek first began to gain notoriety.

The universe has a history of slighting me, so I'm not that surprised. There have been no less than three books that I have read the back cover of, only to exclaim, "I should have written this book! I already thought of this idea!" I also once had a dream that loosely resembled the plot of the motion picture Jaws. I hadn't yet seen the film at the time of the dream, so when I saw it years later you can imagine my frustration.

Alex Quebec--should have struck while the iron was hot (when I was in utero).

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