Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To post, or maybe not

I spent a fair amount of time tonight crafting a post regarding the election and politics and so on. I got about half way through and had to ask myself, "do I really believe all of this, do I really want to sign my name to this?"

It seems to me that I hadn't said anything that over the top or controversial . . . I was just, pondering.

I don't think ours is an age that supports second guessing and holding back; reserving judgement until higher thought and investigation has taken place, but I will gladly blaze a trail.

That is flagrant self-congratulatory nonsense, but is there not a wisp of truth to be unearthed in my untenable self-flattery?

I guess I try to edit my half cocked assertions because I wish that we all did the same. Reflect before you speak, and let yourself be surprised by the results.

I normally hate the prescriptive. What am I saying--I hate this very post--but a departure from your norm, as a general rule, should not be discouraged.

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