Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post Election: Picking Up the Pieces

Depending on my mood, I am extremely ashamed or unashamed to admit the following: I am a conservative. I believe in smaller government. Less government programs, less taxes, generally more freedom to succeed or fail in the real world. I know that a lot of people think that sounds naive, or think that's not really what the Republicans stand for--I don't care. We can have that argument--but not right now.

Obama just won. I offer my congratulations. I've barely paid attention or stayed informed on what he has done for the last four years, and I will pay even less attention in the next four. I have precious little influence over what goes on in Washington, so my time is better spent focusing on things a bit more local. But I was not for Obama, obviously, and my reasoning was incredibly simple. I was even accused of being a "low information voter." And, while I chafe at the designation, I suppose it's probably true. If government is getting bigger, I'm not happy. If you tell me you want it smaller, that's all I need to hear. But my friends and coworkers looked at me funny. They understand that I have philosophical leanings, but they still looked at me like I had a hatchet coming out of my head--they couldn't understand why I would vote Republican (which, by their tone of voice and nonverbal expressions, they seemed to think was a synonym for evil).

And so I said something to them, asked them a question, and nobody, please mark my words--nobody--had an intelligible response. This is what I said:

1) Our spending as a nation is unsustainable;
2) Sooner or later we are going to hit the wall, fall of the cliff, go bankrupt etc.;
3) Besides slashing government, how are we going to fix this problem?

Admittedly I didn't ask A LOT of people this question, only a handful or so. And I certainly didn't ask a Democratic strategist, who would no doubt have a snappy and attractive response (irrespective of the truth, of course), but that's fine, I can put the question to you--how do we get around this problem?

If you have a good and workable solution for how we give our people more and more and more services and also avoid economic collapse then you just might make me a Democrat. Good luck, to the victor go the spoils!

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