Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dan Savages the Bible

I need to develop some sort of award that this blog can bestow on those who approach religion in a similar way that I do.

This week's yet to be established award goes to journalist Dan Savage for the following quote:

 "We ignore the bullshit in the Bible about all sorts of things."

He said this to a room of high schoolers interested in becoming journalists. And the organization that brought him in to give his speech turned around and denounced him for "belittling the faith of others."

I understand that we live in a culture where it is simply unthinkable to talk like this in public about another person's religion--and we all suffer greatly for this fact. The luxury of walking around in a "no offensive talk allowed zone" comes at the cost of honesty and authenticity.

It is not a fair trade.

We should all hope and strive for civility, and yes, cussing at minors was not the wisest choice (as Savage later acknowledged), but his unflinching honesty regarding his take on the Bible is refreshing.

Try, if you can, to keep from retreating into the shallow waters of taking offense, and instead reward courage and truth when it is spoken, regardless of whether or not it confirms your worldview and makes you feel validated and warm inside.


Betsiejane said...

Will you reward my courage and truth to say that I heard clips of what he said to those kids; and I think it is b.s. that you are justifying him?

JD said...

Yes, I'll give you props for that :)

I disagree with just about everything he said, it's just that anger and taking offense are essentially destructive, and winsome engagement is the only thing that can possibly help.

Betsiejane said...

I'm all for winsome; the difficult balance is being winsome without "calling evil good, and good evil".