Friday, March 16, 2012

Cuffs & Cameras

What do I think of George Clooney getting himself arrested?

I don't know. I'm really torn up about it. Do I think that it is to be admired, that someone of his fame, wealth, status and privilege would stand on his principles and do such a thing, or do I think that he has an ego the size of a lower back tattoo convention (that is to say the size of Tennessee) to think that people should care, that people should take time from their mortgages & children & stress & food to say, "My God, Clooney is doing something about this Sudan situation, how can I help?"

I'll just leave myself at torn. From what I know of Clooney I really like him (though my wife likes him more. I know for a certainty that if he ever darkened our doorway it would be curtains for our marriage). It's tough to blame him for wanting to make a difference in the face of evil. It's evil that you and I couldn't give a flying F about what is going on in Sudan, so I shall not take a double helping of it and crap on someone who is taking the time to do whatever they feel is in their power to do something about a problem.

Even if they are one of those much maligned and worshiped and uniquely American creations: a Celebrity.

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