Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Social Calisthenics

Funny how thoughts will steal upon you from nowhere. Actually, I think that is the rule, not the exception.

All of a sudden I was thinking about two of the biggest disasters to happen to me in the last 18 months. And from that a strong word of advice emerged:

The best thing you can possibly do for the improvement of your human/social relations is have someone who means something to you disagree with you profoundly.

And then sit in that disagreement.

Let the unease and insecurity wrap around you like a sopping blanket, and don't shrug it off. Just sit in it.

Work with it. Fight and struggle with it--but don't run.

Do anything you want--kick, scream and cuss--just don't run.

If you sit with it long enough, the answer will emerge. One of you will be right, one of your wrong--more usually some sort of combination of those two. Despite what you think, the world will move on, even if you're the one more in the wrong.

But if you can withstand that pain you'll be sacrificing for the greater good. And you'll be a much more socially healthy and enjoyable person.

That's my theory, anyway.

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