Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blogging In 2012

Every fledgling blogger instinctively knows they must publish a blog on January first. "Gotta get the year started off right!" We say to ourselves.

Look, here is my first tip of 2012. It is not the frequency of your blogging that matters. People are not hungering for frequent posts for the sake of frequency. You don't have to "keep your readers happy" in that respect.

The only thing that matters is this: Do you have something to say? This must be restated for emphasis: Do You Have Something To Say?

When it comes to blogging, and writing in general, this is all that matters. The great majority of blogs fail because this most important question was not asked. If there is nothing to raise the eyebrows, nothing to merit pause, nothing to bring a smile or a laugh--then delete it.

If you blog in this way then you will gain a following, or you will not, but you will be participating in an activity that will actually make you want to sit down at the keyboard.

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