Sunday, January 8, 2012

God is Out, We Need a New Word

The old ways of talking about things simply won't do. We need a cultural/linguistic enema.

When I say "God" what flashes into your mind are antiquated or most likely erroneous images fashioned by our cracked culture and they mostly swirl around the hub of morality.

This simply won't do. I'm inordinately obsessed with the things of God because, really, it's the only game in town.

Perhaps a better and more accurate phrase for "God" is Ultimate Reality.

It is a simple math problem. If you are able to push through the Matrix, as it were, to the real Truth Behind it All, then everything in your life will necessarily be different. All in your life will need to be reconsidered in the light of the real Truth that is the Ultimate Reality.

The problem is that "God", through century after century of use and abuse, has been dragged down from the sky to our reality. Now the way we think of God can be difficult to distinguish from the way we think of our fathers (sometimes a dismal business indeed).

If...then... Cause...and effect. God, Religion, whatever you like, seems to be yet another subject--like sociology, math, golf and economics. It's because He has been cheapened that this is possible. No one would laugh in the face of the Creator of the universe when He picked them up by their tail. But you can certainly laugh at Pat Robertson or Joel Osteen (which I very much encourage you to do). They, among many others, are cultural touchstones for God's representation down here on earth. Very unfortunate indeed.

When I say God, I don't want you to think of any humans or any force that you intellectually understand down here with your five senses. I want you to think of the Game Changer, the Reality Inverter, the Man Behind the Matrix. Something/Someone that is Holy Other (and by that I mean Wholly Other). He is, more than anything else that is true that you have ever understood--Ultimate Reality. You don't sit down and sip a Starbucks after meeting Ultimate Reality. 

You are undone. Forever. 

That is the level I suggest you approach Ultimate Reality on.

So this blog was kind of weird, but whatever. Look, I don't really get it either. But as Brooks said, "get busy livin', or get busy dyin'." Those are words to live by. I do believe that Ultimate Reality would approve of them as well. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blogging In 2012

Every fledgling blogger instinctively knows they must publish a blog on January first. "Gotta get the year started off right!" We say to ourselves.

Look, here is my first tip of 2012. It is not the frequency of your blogging that matters. People are not hungering for frequent posts for the sake of frequency. You don't have to "keep your readers happy" in that respect.

The only thing that matters is this: Do you have something to say? This must be restated for emphasis: Do You Have Something To Say?

When it comes to blogging, and writing in general, this is all that matters. The great majority of blogs fail because this most important question was not asked. If there is nothing to raise the eyebrows, nothing to merit pause, nothing to bring a smile or a laugh--then delete it.

If you blog in this way then you will gain a following, or you will not, but you will be participating in an activity that will actually make you want to sit down at the keyboard.