Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear God, am I a Liberal?--An Outline

In this blog I will outline:

Robert Capon's effect on my thinking and therefore the importance of choosing your influences wisely.

My recent thoughts on Catholic Theology and why maybe it's all ok and God isn't bugged by theological error.

People who do this kind of talking get run out on a RAIL from their families and communities/churches, so if I can, if you don't mind, I'd like to avoid that. But seriously, keep in mind that writers write to figure out what they're thinking. I'm not wedded to these ideas, I wouldn't espouse them as absolute truth. I'm exploring ideas. If that's fun and interesting to you then please join me. If it hurts your soul and makes you question my allegiances and eternal destination, well--I understand. I used to be one of you. But I'm much more relaxed over here, so you, uptight one, clenched one, should try it.

This blog has been in the making for about a week. I caught more of a vision for it tonight, so I thought I would share this. With any luck, sometime in the next week, I will post the blog in its entirety. In that blog I will fully flesh out these ideas that I'm wrestling with. Should be a fun time.

Oh, and to answer the question posed in the title: The answer is no. I don't think that I'm a liberal at all. The reason I said it is because I think that just about every theologically conservative person I know would accuse me of being a liberal (which I am not) for saying what I want to say, hence the title.


Kathleen said...

I've been pondering the title of this blog ever since I read it about a week ago, when I took it as an honest and curious question directed to God, sort of like, "Are you there God? It's me, Margaret." But now I realize that it could be an exclamation, so I'm confused. Can you clear this up so I can worry about more important things?

-Troubled in Trondheim
p.s. great to "see" you and the fam the other day :)

Jason Dean said...

Dear Troubled in Trondheim,

Ha! Clearly they're not giving you enough to do over there (kidding!). Your first inclination is correct, I did mean it as a "Are you there God? It's me, Margaret."

But the blog itself was very confusing. I talked to a few other people about it, and they didn't get that I was saying this blog was merely an outline for a larger blog that I wanted to write...I think I didn't do a good job with it.

But I headed off the suspense by saying at the end that I didn't think that I actually WAS A liberal, so you can sleep well tonight ;)

Kathleen said...

phew! Though, I secretly knew I was right.

Looking forward to the next installment!