Friday, November 25, 2011

Short Stories

Here are five:

James knew he needed more porridge; he just didn't know who he should take it from. One-armed Slimmy was an obvious choice, but an unexpected sense of guilt swelled at the thought of making such an easy swipe. The chancellor had more than her fair share, but she had sealed herself off behind an invisible wall. He would appeal to the Council, but he knew he would be going hungry tonight.

The marble was being kicked mercilessly by the toy soldier. "We don't like your kind." The marble hoped the soldier's foot hurt. It's not easy to kick something so solid.

While all the others made their virginal flight from the nest, our lone bird painfully and meticulously inched down the tree, step by step, with clawing wing and beak knifing into bark. Five hours later our bird reached the bottom of the five foot tree. He sat down at a tiny bird table and had the stiffest drink any mammal has ever had.

Her tears were not genuine, but don't let that make you think they were difficult to produce. An inner leer graced her mouth that she could see in her mind's eye.

The milkshake willed itself to fall over. It feels better to spread out.


jennyroseanne said...

Excellent. Looking forward to volumes of the same (i.e., tens of thousands of your short stories).

JD said...

Thank you! Maybe I'll even write one about you and Wayne :)

Unknown said...

Very enjoyable and not too much time expended to read. Well done, sir. :)