Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Specialize In Anxiety

The title is true, but I don't suffer from real, clinical anxiety. I'm more of a day tripper, a tourist, a harmless neurotic.

This week I'm frequently fretting about an article I read some months back. It said that information we read online sticks in our head much less than reading it from a book or newspaper. Does that mean that all the reading I do online has been largely a waste of time? Is my investment in building my Kindle library a dead end? It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it.

Concern for cancer slowly and patiently devouring my insides has reemerged again. I think I'm almost out of the woods for MS. But nothing can save you from sudden heart attack, drunk drivers, and food poisoning.

Fear of a life lived in quiet desperation is never far from my mind, idle or otherwise. But I'm being challenged in my job right now, so it's less of a concern for the moment. Still, fear of never breaking free of anything more than shallow and surface relationships remains an ever present concern.

Also of concern lately is a mole going melanoma on me. 

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Jenée Elizabeth said...

God, this stuff must run in the family.