Monday, September 5, 2011

How to Forsake Middle-class Mediocrity

I listened to this talk that Dan Allender gave several months ago and I was floored by it. Just floored. And so I transcribed the most impactful part of it, shared it with my wife, freaked out about it. And then it just sat there. I thought, "Well, it's kinda heavy, I don't wanna bum people out."

Now I say: Screw that. Go ahead and like it or hate it, let it change your life or ignore it with impunity; I don't make those decisions for you.

Now here is Dan to rock your world (as he goes he picks up steam, he was very animated throughout, so you have to read it with that in mind):

I know what it is to be abused, I know what it is to be marginalized, i know racism, I know agism, I know sexism, I know the reality of not just individual but coporate and cultural sin. I know what consumerism does to the human heart. I know what the negativity and the self-righteousness of the believing community does to the human heart. So the question, really, if I can put it very simply, is, where are you angry because you know evil has done you harm? And has done the people in your own life harm. And if the answer is "nothing makes you angry. Nothing is a "no" for you in this life. Then all I can ask of you is to ask the question, is your life worth living? Because if there is nothing you'll take a bullet for, then there is nothing worth living for. If there is nothing in your life that you are willing to give your life for, except your middle-class mediocrity—keeping your mortgage up, and maybe you need a little bit bigger home, you know the car's just not running quite as well, we need a new one. Again, I'm not against the enjoyment of all the riches and blessings God gives. And yet, we live in a world where $100 in Ghana can feed an orphanage full of children for a month. Do you know any orpans? You don't. You don't! Why not? They're on the websites. There are ministries. Do you not know any trafficked children? They're there for you to know. My question to you is, what's the "no" that the harm of evil has brought you to say "As long as I'm on this earth, you take me down sucker, you take me down. Because you see, if you kill me, do you understand what a blessing that is? Kill me, because I'm with the Father. But if you don'tyou foolyou don't take my life today? You fool! Then I have one more day to talk to you about tough things that most Christians don't even want to get close to. And it's a good day." As the Apache saying says, "This is a good day to die." Is it for you?

That was Dan for you. My quick answer to his last question is, "not really." I like to think that I'd die for my family, that I'd die for my faith, but, as the man said, "talkin' about it and bein' it, that's two different things." I know I'm not giving it my all, I know I'm still clinging to my middle-class mediocrity.

Guess I gotta go watch Fight Club a few more times, or read this againthey're essentially saying the same thing.

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