Thursday, September 15, 2011

D is for Douche


I used to REALLY like the Drudge Report, but I think Matt has gotten steadily more petty over the last few years.
Matt earns my official proclamation of Douche Bag over him for the above headline. It is simple elementary to say that conservatives don't like liberal and vice versa. And liberals don't give a fair shake to conservatives and vice versa.
But this goes WAY too far. In the above headline Drudge is somehow trying to make fun of the parent company of the Olive Garden because they are VOLUNTARILY making an effort to reduce the calories on their menu and provide healthier meals to kids.
So he is somehow trying to spin it as Big Brother peering over the shoulder of industry, forcing them to get healthier. How ridiculous. That is not a legitmate point of view, and it's even worse to suggest the untruth as your main headline.
Drudge fails today.
Unfortuneately he remains a great source of news, so I will still be frequenting his site.

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