Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wonder & Mystery

I've spent this lunch break trying to track down anything and everything the internet contains of Robert Farrar Capon, which is not much. But I came across the following quote, and as a bonus I link the page it's from because it's worth wasting several minutes reading the beautiful words.

We are so impressed by scientific clank that we feel we ought not to say that the sunflower turns because it knows where the sun is. It is almost second nature to us to prefer explanations . . . with a large vocabulary. We are much more comfortable when we are assured that the sunflower turns because it is heliotropic. The trouble with that kind of talk is that it tempts us to think that we know what the sunflower is up to. But we don't. The sunflower is a mystery, just as every single thing in the universe is. --Robert Farrar Capon

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