Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The War That Never Was is Long Since Over

Hi, my name is Jason.

When I said that I just told you everything I know about science. I took physics my senior year and spent most of the time shuffling a deck of cards and doing magic tricks, circulating ridiculous petitions and covertly staring at pretty girls (just in case you forgot what those look like I gave you a link to my new favorite pretty girl). Those are all of my science credentials.

Despite my dismal record you can put all of your faith in the following statement: There is no contradiction between faith and science.

Here's the thing, almost everyone in the entire world believes in a Higher Power (92% to be exact). Most of us do not supress that innate sense that He is out there. BUT, a good deal of us have been lead by the nose to believe that there are tensions if not outright contradictions between faith and science.

This is impossible. God created the world, he did it in a particular way. We as humans are able, to some extent, to observe the ways and methods He chose to employ. Whether it was six literal days, or we started as apes, or primordial goo, or He started 6,000 years ago or 6 billion--none of it matters. We'll probably never know for sure. What we agree on is that we're here, and that there is a God.

When there is something that looks like a contradiction between what we know of God and what we know of science it is due to one of these two facts: Either the science is wrong (which has happened many, many times in the life of science), or the theology is wrong (which has happened many, many times in the life of the Church).

For some reason these assertions make people uncomfortable. These used to make me uncomfortable. But embracing my assertion is one of the most freeing things you can do for yourself. Embracing my assertion means you get to relax, unclench, smile. There is one principle, and one alone, that will help you get where you need to go:

We live in a universe shrouded in mystery.

We make our home and do our work in untraversable mystery. We know so very little. The best scientist, the best theologian, their minds are but ants on the sun that is the incomprehensible mind of God. Trying to square up every fact and make it all fit--all your verses, all your science, all your feelings--it is only a recipe for insanity (and to be a bore at parties). It wasn't given for you to know it all.




You're sitting in the palm of God's hand.

No matter How he chose to bring you here,

You're here. Drink the mystery,

Swallow it and then laugh in awe at its beauty and unceasing wonder.

Please know that I understand everything that I'm glossing over. I know what my team thinks of Genesis, and I know what I need to say about Genesis if I want to stay in good standing with my team. The problem is, it's all crap. You can believe it's literal, metaphorical, poetical--and you can cite endless solid reasoning to support your position. I don't care anymore. I happen to believe God wrote us a love letter called the Bible, and we'll never fully understand and apply everything contained in the love stained pages. Never. We can get a lot of mileage out of it, but it didn't tell us everything about everything--and even everything it did tell us--well we're still working on getting that all figured out. It will always be so. If it were simple then we should suspect it wasn't ordained by an infinite God.

Anyway, all of this was inspired by this piece in USA Today roughly saying everything I just said. But I still get points because I didn't just rip off what I read, the piece reminded me of how passionate I feel about these facts for a few years now and it's high time that I share them with you fine people.


Jessica DesLongchamp said...

Awesome, love it, I was smiling so big by the end of this post. Thank you, I have unclenched. ;)

Jenée Elizabeth said...

Very wise, Jason! Compelling and rich.