Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Get Yourself Some Wisdom

Ok, I plugged him before, but are you reading James Altucher yet? What are you waiting for? The guy is brilliant. Yes it's true that he's quite the entrepenuer, but I'm not (at least not yet), and his advice is so great and applicable for all of us out there, not just business leaders.

Here's a recent blog that I really enjoyed, Plug All of Your Leaks or You Will Die (nope, he's not really one for mincing words). And here's a little exerpt:

"Everybody has problems. They weren’t loved enough as children. They aren’t loved enough now. They are scared of their own financial issues. It’s been a tough, tough decade for everyone. You either take that toughness and turn it into compassion, or you let that toughness take over you. You become the leak. The people around you every day, for the most part, have had the energy severely drained out of them. They are your worst leaks. You must keep contact at a minimum. You can be the source of strength, but only if you are on guard against the leeches that will sneak through your clothes and latch onto your body."

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