Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Skipping to the Looney Bin?

The most common question I ask myself is probably, "Is this normal?"

It doesn't really make any difference to me if it is or not, I'm stuck with my behavior...but, you know, a guy gets curious. So please respond by the numbers with a yes or no.

Do you do this?:

1. Visualize yourself having a stroke.

2. Feel something funny in your brain and wonder if the stroke will hit at any moment.

3. Ask a question when you know the answer for no apparent reason.

4. Realize that you're hungry, not because you feel it in your stomach, but because you notice that you keep having the thought, "i'm hungry!"

5. Decide to get mad at your wife, it seems to me sometimes, just for the hell of it.

6. See a weird cloud pattern in the sky and expect the Rapture will be hitting at any moment (bonus points if you're like me and are pretty sure you don't even believe in the Rapture).

7. Are kind of annoyed that you can't even tell if someone of the same sex is attractive (like that John Hamm guy, I don't get it. Clooney? He just looks like a guy. Brad Pitt I understand).

8. "Sample" an occasional mushroom at the grocery store.

9. Won't stop thinking about how cool it would be to be friends with Tina Fey.

10. Afraid to admit your opinions on movies, music & TV to people that you want to like you.

11. Are inordinately afraid that a stroke will cut you down in the closest thing to the "prime" of your life (or as a secondary fear, MS).


Melissa said...

1. Yes, just this morning.
2. Nope
3. Frequently. It's called being passive aggressive.
4. Cheese and/or chocolate obsession? Check and check!
5. No, but sometimes in the middle of being made for what seemed like a good reason at the onset, I will realize it was just because I was grumpy.
6. No
7. No. I can understand the consenses opinion on most of the "hot" ladies.
8. Not a 'shroom. Gross.
9. Duh. Absolutely! Secretly, I'm sure she thinks the same about me.
10. Um, no.
11. Not inordinately so.

Jason Dean said...

Yessss, you did good. The only one you missed is that mushrooms are not gross, not at all.

Melissa said...

Shenanigans, sir. Mushrooms are blargh-worthy.