Friday, April 15, 2011

Resurrecting The Machine

Today I broke ground on my first short story in several years. I've wasted too much time waiting for the fear of failure and inferiority to be gone before I take another step, so now I just have to pretend that it isn't there and press forward into the darkness (I understand this is what some call faith).

Normally I would never do this; it is bad form to build expectation and reveal a work that so far comprises a sentence or two. Don't care. What do I have to protect?

Here is my beginning, hopefully I'll add to it sometime soon:

I awoke to him standing at the foot of our bed. It was God it was my father it was him who gives me my name.


Jenée Elizabeth said...

I like it. Please continue.

JD said...

I'd like to, but nothing has presented itself yet. Perhaps I'll have to force it out.

Betsiejane said...

Well what did HE want?

JD said...

I don't KNOW yet!!