Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love Wins: Two Different Gods

Look, I'm no dummy. Because of this fact, things like the following really do scare me:

"At the very heart of this controversy, and one of the reasons the blogosphere exploded over this book, is that we really do have two different Gods. The stakes are that high. If Bell is right, then historic orthodoxy is toxic and terrible. But if the traditional view of heaven and hell are right, Bell is blaspheming. I do not use the word lightly, just like Bell probably chose “toxic” quite deliberately. Both sides cannot be right. As much as some voices in evangelicalism will suggest that we should all get along and learn from each other and listen for the Spirit speaking in our midst, the fact is we have two irreconcilable views of God."

This was taken from Kevin Deyoung's 20 page review (!) of "Love Wins." I don't know that Deyoung is right, but I do know that it is certainly possible that he is right. I'm not screwing around or having fun, I agree that it is almost reasonable to say that "lives are at stake."

All I know is that, for better or for worse, I am a person that often says "Look, I'm just not going to believe something, no matter how much my friends and loved ones tell me that I should, until I'm really, really convinced in my own mind that thus and such is true."

I'm not even close to saying that Rob Bell is right, I'm just not ready to say that he's wrong.

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