Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday: The Salt Mine is Closed

A meditation on what was accomplished on Good Friday from Between Noon and Three:

"'Ah yes,' you say, 'a lovely story. How nice to think of what it would be like if, in the thick of my sins, I were told that I stood uncondemned by a love that would not let me go. Thank you for diverting me; it has been a pleasure meeting you. But now, alas, I must get back to the salt mine.' . . . Saint Paul has not said to you, 'Think how it would be if there were no condemnation'; he has said, 'There is therefore now none.' He has made an unconditional statement, not a conditional one--a flat assertion; not a parabolic one. He has not said, 'God has done this and that and the other thing; and if by dint of imagination you can manage to put it all together, you may be able to experience a little solace in the prison of your days.' No. He has simply said, 'You are free. Your services are no longer required. The salt mine has been closed.'

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