Friday, March 4, 2011

When Will the Christian Insanity Stop?

Mike Huckabee Calls Natalie Portman’s Pregnancy ‘Troubling’

Natalie, you're not a Christian and so I would never expect you to try to live like one. If you ever ask me for advice on how you should live your life then we can certainly sit over a cup of coffee and chat about it, but until that day comes I'll just keep my mouth shut about all that and you should live and be well. Congrats on the baby!

Note: There is a word for people who care more about following rules than they do for the people whom they are chastising: Pharisee. Jesus spent most of his ministry trying to reason with Pharisees--until they finally killed him. I am a recovering Pharisee myself.


jennyroseanne said...

Excellent Jason!

JD said...

Whoops, I'm not so good at responding, am I?? Anyway thanks, I think I really did a lot of good here and changed the world!!!