Thursday, March 3, 2011

U.S. Supreme Court Tries Crack Cocaine

Ok, not really.

This is a new feature I'm starting at We Need the Eggs that I'm calling "Almost Headlines." What you see above was almost a headline I read on the Seattle times. Unfortunely it turns out that the actual headline is much more prosaic and boring, which is:

U.S. Supreme Court tries to crack cocaine case

Please stay tuned for further things that have almost happened, or have almost been said, or would have been cool if actually said, but unfortunately have not.


Ben said...

Aww. I really thought you were editorializing their ruling in favor of the crazy military funeral picketers. I was hoping to play devil's avocado and point out that one of the most prolific defenders of freedom of speech in supreme court precedents has been Larry Flint. Can I get a hypothetical *touche*?

JD said...

Sorry, the *touche* is still in review; I out-sourced the decision to union labor, so I think it's going to be awhile...