Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Notice to Outsiders

They iz a fight goin' on up in hizzeer.

More on that in a moment.

One of the subcultures I belong to is that of Evangelical Christianity. I debate over how much I want to disclose about my involvement in that world on this blog. I do not doubt that many who do not share this involvement with me are not that interested in our sordid affairs. Why would you be? So must of the time universal applicables are the order of the day at We Need the Eggs. You know, crap we all can relate to. The non-Evangelical cannot relate to much of my life, at least directly, so why inflict? But I know that isn't entirely true. Everyone's got religion. Everyone has ideas about the universe, how it got here, where it's going, what constitutes right and wrong—that aren't scientifically provable. So each of our lives involves some amount of religion. Talking about religion, any religion, if done well, I think can have a universal appeal.

I am in no way promising that. But I wanted to give a warning. For the next few posts I'm going to go "in-house." I'm gonna put my Jesus/Christian/Evangelical/religious flag up on the pole and just rap for a little bit. If you're not interested please know that I understand more than you can imagine. But I will say that you may find it interesting: I'm going to name names, cut loose, bare a little soul, invite unedited thought streams onto the page that are in no way orthodox or what is commonly thought of as righteous.

So here I go, off on an Evangelical tangent—enjoy the ride or run for your life, I support both responses.

As I said before, They iz a fight goin' on up in hizzeer. This guy, Rob Bell, he wrote a book, and then the Evangelical world blew up. Well...I don't know about that. The Evangelical world blew up, maybe. That's the line. That's what I've been told. There is a lot of buzz and debate and things of this nature going on on the Internet. I do not know, in the grand scheme of things, how big of a deal, how much of a defining moment, if at all, for a large segment of the American church it is. But he wrote his new book, "Love Wins," and it is being perceived as, and may actually be, questioning/subverting a lot of baseline historical Christian dogma.

Unlike a lot of people talking about the book, I have read it (a voracious act of consumption that took less than 48 human hours). I have read it, and I have some thoughts about it, about the responses to it, and further thoughts on God, faith and the journey that is being human.

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Jessica DesLongchamp said...

I'm happy to see you got "I Win" in there as a tag. ;)