Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisdom on Steroids

The ever-wise David Brooks drops another bomb on our collective imagination. I believe that in this little cutie that he tossed off he single-handedly broke my self-defeating addiction to both conservative and liberal talk radio. This need to do mental battle with the blow hards (as my friend Glenn calls it, my need to incessantly tilt at windmills) will at least be temporarily retarded, if not completely eradicated.

This is taken from a little conversation that was taking place between David Brooks and Gail Collins about the whole Wisconsin Situation:

"Have I ever told you of my theory of reciprocal self-barbarization? If you engage with barbarians on the other side then one inevitably becomes barbaric. If you engage with sane people, one becomes more sane. Progress depends on enlarging the party of sanity. I can put you in touch with plenty of sane people who care both about debt and education, just not in Madison, Wisconsin, at the moment."

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