Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meet My Mistress

I don't love another in this world as much as I love my wife, but if there were a close second, and I was forced to admit it, I would say that it's philosophy, which is the love of wisdom. And I love it best when packaged in comprehensible quotations. Quotations often give shape to my life, and I wanted to share three that have been working on my soul lately:

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive." --Gil Bailie

"I think we begin to be really helpful in calling forth the gifts of others when we understand & employ our own charisma, when we are functioning in freedom, when our 'oughtness' is eliminated & we can have the time of our life doing what we want to do...One of the difficulties that family life has is too much oughtness, too much demand, too much keeping the machinery going...I think all of us had best find out what we really want to do & start doing it, with whatever it involves. If you have to give up your responsibility, give it up. If the church goes to pieces, so be it. But we've got to find what we want to do, really, because nothing else is going to help anybody." --Gordon Cosby

"Let there be no mistake: Evil and injustice thrive on moral ambiguity, equivocation, confusion and the failure to commit. Remembering that injustice is the abuse of power, we must know that injustice is strong, it’s forceful, it’s committed, and in every case it will prevail against the uncertain, the unsure and the uncommitted." --Gary Houghton

OH! And here is a bonus one I just remembered that my sister sent me the other day--her recognition of its genius bodes well for her:

"He who possesses talent should also possess courage. He must dare to trust his inspiration, he must be convinced that the fancy which flashes through his brain is a healthy one, that the form which comes natural to him, even if it be a new one, has a right to assert its claims; he must have gained a hardihood to expose himself to the charge of being affected, or on the wrong path, before he can yield to his instinct and follow it wherever it may imperiously lead." --George Brandes

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Jenée Elizabeth said...

So glad to hear something I did bodes well for me. Keep up the quotations, J.D.!