Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Limits of Morality

A few days ago in a landmark Tweet I stated that after only reading five pages, "Between Noon and Three" would be a life changing book for me. True to inclincation, I found this gem on page 28, which I now submit for your approval and subsequent pondering:

"Morality helps most when it has the least to object to. If it is a guide at all, it is a guide to the perfecting of one's virtues, not to the reform of one's vices. It keeps non-gamblers from being foolish at the racetrack. It does not keep child abusers from beating children, compulsive liars from lying, or lechers from leching. For those in the front trenches of their faults, it is just a lovely, cruel vision of a home they cannot get to. Life, at their extremity, is luck or lumps. The law only makes sin exceeding sinful; it never saved anybody who really needed help."


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