Monday, February 7, 2011

How to Save the Whales

Every once in awhile, if you're paying attention, you'll find that you come across nuggets of wisdom. Well I feel like this week has been more like a landslide of wisdom. I acquired two pieces in this last week, two that I think will really give shape to my life if I allow them to, and those were:

1. ABT--Always Be Thankful. Always and for everything, without condition. It is as simple as that, and not many things are harder. (Accolades go to Steve Brown and Francis Schaefer for driving these home.)

2. In the morning, it is always Leah. See Genesis 29 for what this could possibly mean. But in a nutshell, it is this: We were not created to thrive in this world as it currently exists. We were created for another world. That is why there has been a pang of disappointment or despair the moment after every great achievement you've ever made. You thought you finally got there, got the thing that would bring you ultimate joy, and it somehow eluded you. So you're off to the next thing that will complete you, sure to get it right this time--this is life on the treadmill.

What I love about these is that they are nothing new to me. I've known these things for a long time, but I see them anew, and see the change that they could make in my life. This brings up the question, if you're not applying the knowledge that you have, do you really have it? On paper you do, of course you do, but is it of any value? Anyway, here is number three, that I just came by today. It is a quote from Jeff Overstreet, overheard on a random podcast I was listening to:

3. "If you care about the whales, it’s a whole lot more effective not to picket about saving the whales, but to take people whale watching. If you want to show people what is good, stop ranting about what is mediocre, show people what is good…introduce them to what is best, rather than what is merely entertaining."

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