Monday, January 24, 2011

Musing of the Day: Media Consumption and Attendant Perils

Today I've allowed myself to be disturbed by my voracious appetite for media. I compulsively check,, and Twitter; and of course Facebook, but to a lesser extent. That's just the beginning. I have a list of movies and books I need to consume, probably longer than three of your arms put together, and if I let myself try I could probably easily double it. The knowledge that I will not get to all of these books and movies leaves me not infrequently sad. Is it a bad thing to consume too much media? Of course it is. Why it's bothering me today is that I don't want the time I spend consuming media to choke out the time I spend in the act of creation. I'm of the mind that it's a symbiotic relationship to be sure, that of consuming media and creating media (because in my fantasy life that's what I do), but where do you draw the line? I also deal with this nagging sensation that I cannot create until I have consumed X, Y and Z because X Y and Z will contribute to my greater understanding of the human condition and I'm incomplete and intellectually unpresentable without them. I know this is wrong, but like most pernicious ideas I believe it lingers because there is a hint of truth to it, isn't there?

Of course the answer is everything in moderation, but isn't that a boring answer? Or maybe I think that's a boring answer because of all the media I consume. It has to be interesting or complicated or else it's valueless.

Anyway, gotta go check Drudge before my break is over.

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Jessica DesLongchamp said...

This helps me understand your broken mind a little bit better. ;)