Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Deconstructing Fear, Part 1

Write what you know.

That is eternal writing advice. It's not something I've hewn too closely to, but that is more owing to the fact that I don't write all that much. I wouldn't say that when I write I write what I know, I would say that I haven't written enough to really know what I know.

But friend, let me tell you, of the things that I do know about, a small pocket of items to be sure, fear would be chief among them. I have let fear flirt with me from a distance, then it romanced, dated and finally bed me down in immoral fashion as it tirelessly had its way with me. Is having it's way with me. This isn't something I've gotten over, nor do I know if I ever will.

What is that fear? An all consuming fear of failure, I believe. It's that loathesome, paradoxical fear of failure that keeps me from ever trying in the first place. What if I fail? Though it's obvious that it is better to fail than to never try at all, still that easy fact hasn't penetrated the part of my brain that draws me to action.

I'm starting with writing what I know. I know all about fear. I know him well, and he is ruthless.


Anonymous said...

but you've won already!
life: check
salvation: check
beautiful family: check

the rest'll get all poured about like gravy, my man.

JD said...

Thanks dude, looking forward to that gravy!