Thursday, January 13, 2011

Afternoon Break Blog

I think I did one other of these once, where I wrote a blog on my break. I have to do it again. It's just been too long. I've been beating myself up too much for not writing any blogs lately, and I'm tired of that.

While I've been away from you I've been doing bloody battle with demons--for your benefit, by the way. Writing and me don't get along well, I think I've probably aluded to that in the past, but I'm thinking of just coming out and saying it right now.

Side note: That reminds me of something that just happened the other day at work. I was in this lady's office and she was rocking some Neil Diamond unplugged while she was training me. After awhile I said, "So are you a big Neil fan?" She said she kind of was, and I let her know I was a big fan myself. Then she asked if I had the blah blah channel, and I said I didn't, and she said, "Oh it's really great, they play all kinds of concerts from the past and future."

I about died. It's one of those things we're all capable of doing, and it doens't necessarily mean that she's mongoloid, or even partial mongo. But she didn't go back and fix it. Can you even imagine? She just left me with the image of going home to watch a concert from the future; perhaps Justin Beiber's post-rehab tour. I could have gone to our boss and let her know that so and so is losing it. People are funny.

So yeah, I've been trying to psych myself up into thinking that it's All Going To Be Ok, and that I can Just Write Whatever I Feel Like And Not Worry That It Sucks.

So that's what I've been doing with myself. And it's hard.

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