Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Embracing, Practically Kissing, My Unoriginality

I just read this blog, a tiny, tiny (please read tee-nee, tie-nee) blog that left me a quivering mess of something on the floor for 6 hours (and remember, that's Inception/dream time I'm referring to, so in the really real world it was only about two minutes). So I read it, and after reflection I thought, "This is so good that I simply have to steal it, perhaps give the necessary attribution, and get it to my people as quickly as possible." But then the guilt and shame set in. "Well, this other guy came up with this, can't you be more original? Just what the hell is your problem, anyway? Blogs by their nature are insubstantial and fleeting as it is, you posting a blog where you link to someone else's blog is like handing someone a piece of paper that reads "pretty soon I'm going to hand you another piece of paper" (actually I kind of like that--I'm going to do that to someone by day's end).

But somehow I overcame the self-loathing, the auto-animosity and self-directed passive-aggressive gestures and I am now able to post a link to this great blog.

Now that you've read it I just have one question for you: Can a non-Christian talk like this? Look, the easy answer is "yes, it is certainly possible." Don't say that to me, I know that already. As far as I can tell Mr. Cohen is a non-Christian, just kind of blows me away. How can he be more articulate about our faith, then, well, all of us?

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