Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gotta Love the Throw Back

This scene just occurred to me about 20 minutes ago. I love witnessing bursts of genius, please enjoy this one, and then return to your regularly scheduled life. But as you do so, remember, if you're not playing your part well, you could be bumped, set aside, and forgotten about:

ARRRGGGGHHHH!! That clip from Wayne's World Two has been sitting on YouTube for TWO YEARS, I link to it in my blog for a few hours, and then it's taken down, what are the odds?! I call it an insane coincidence, Jess says "they know." She went on to explain about the complicated system of wires and tubing that is the internet, and about how once I, little old me, linked to the video it triggered a thing at YouTube headquarters, a thing which may or may not be regularly monitored by humans, and anyway that's how they know a copyrighted piece of material had been posted and needed to be taken down.


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