Friday, April 30, 2010

Expose: The KFC DoubleDown

I know it it is disgusting and awful and bad for my heart. I understand that it is symbolic of the age of excess that we live in, a virtual caricature of itself. I know that to reference it at a party or the water cooler is to possibly hasten your own demise; so red do the eyes glow of the healthy, green people of my generation.

I know that it has more calories than a human leg, the sodium it contains could fill a tube sock, and the grease it brings could soak a sumo wrestler's beach towel.

And I know that, perhaps worst of all, it will taste like garbage.

I know all that; what I don't know, and what I want the answer to is: Why do I still want one so bad?


Jenée Elizabeth said...

Let me know when you take the leap. I wanna try it, but if you die, I'll know not to. Thank you for your sacrifice, big bro!

Betsiejane said...

Don't do it!!! I love you!

Neidy said...

If you dare eat it, you definitely need to blog about the experience. I mean, I'm not going to do it, but heck I'd like to hear about the outcome!