Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Uh oh, Jason gets serious again: Obamacare

I found this article which makes for interesting reading. It brings to mind the question: Did we, as citizens, understand what was in this bill? But here is the better and more compelling question: Do we care? I'm not at all convinced that we care enough to understand the complicated issues that go into "healthcare reform" (and I include myself), and then make a measured and considered decision that flows from contemplation of the facts. What's wrong with us? Absolutely we have problems, but why would anyone think that restriction of freedom would help those problems?

But do we care? And I mean it for both sides. Democrats don't care, they just know that it "expands" coverage--by giving it away/subsidizing, and so they're happy. Republicans don't care, they just know it restricts freedom and persecutes further an already unfree market, so they're angry.

At any rate, a little food for thought for those of us who truly care, which seems to be none of us.

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