Thursday, February 18, 2010

Creature Chronicles: The End Draws Nigh!!

Week 34ish:

No, it hasn't quite gone the way I expected. In the perfect world, the one the good Lord intended us to have, I would have put up a blog for every single week of her pregnancy. This didn't happen, and you and I are just going to have to let bygones be bygones.

Week 21ish:

I missed the 21st week because these pictures were on a different camera that mysteriously disappeared for a few months.

Week 29ish:

That is such a good one! Formatting issues keep me from putting these in any kind of coherent order. The pictures were added in chaotic order, and so they remain, cutting and pasting seems to be disabled in this weird parallel web-browser I'm in.

Week 37ish:


She's HUGE! And also beautiful (that's something you can't get away with saying about your wife too often: "Wow, you look huge and beautiful").

Week 35ish:

And now is when the title of this post becomes relevant: Here we stand at the beginning of week 38! I just can't take it anymore!!! (That's how badly I want little Nolan to poke his head into OUR part of the universe--I'm willing to use multiple exclamation points, something heretofore I have staunchly refused to do!!!!)

I'm being as controlled as I know how to be, but every grimace on her face means to me that her water has broken, or the REAL contractions have began. I've been wrong every time so far, but trust me that is no deterrent to believing.

Yes, I have to be controlled because if I had my way Jess would be doing the following.

1. Jumping up and down five times before passing through any doorway in our apartment.

2. Eating ginger for dinner every night (it's known for being a labor stimulant).

3. I wish I knew more things that bring on labor.

I forced our OBGYN to guess at when our son will be here, and she said that most first time pregnancies are on time to late.


We've got our route planned, our hospital bag packed, our baby seat in the car--we just need Creature to fulfill his end of the bargain, make like a baby and HEAD ON OUT!!!!!!!!


Captain Actually said...

This is where you start the _ALIEN_ movie marathon.

Best of luck! Happy Baby!

Jenée Elizabeth said...

Love this! Can't wait for Baby!!!!!!

Jessica DesLongchamp said...

If I catch you slipping ginger in my food we're going to have to have a long talk. ;)

Monica Herley said...

Jason, I love your enthusiasm. Tell Jess to keep her breathing/voice in a low tone as her "energy" going downward will help the little guy want to get into position. Crawling on her knees or doing anything on her knees is good for that too :) I took a 2 mile walk and tried tobasco for the first time...13 hours later I was in labor...FYI

Amber said...

Jason, love the pics & the excitement. I love the name you guys have picked out too. :)

Jess...stunning, so beautiful you are!

Jason Dean said...

Thanks everybody! I will certainly be lacing all future meals with tabascy, & Jess will be back around 6 tonight as I asked her to walk to the beach and get me a shell...

jennyroseanne said...

I love it Jason! and Jess you are so beautiful! You did great keeping up with the chronicles, the photos have been so amazing and it's such fun (and funny) to give people a peak at the behind your scenes of this special year. You two are gonna be the bestest parents ... Nolan is a lucky little man. I can't believe the time is just around the corner ... could be today! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,
Have you noticed that the baby has will also notice that Jessica can breath better then (for us short women)...if so my grandmother said >> 2 weeks from that point and she was right the majority of the time! Exciting!
Lauri Pruett

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