Sunday, October 18, 2009

Creature Chronicles: Gender Confirmed

Look, I know that virtually everyone reading this post already knows what Creature is, but just go with me, would ya? Just, just humor me, is that such a big deal? Thanks.

We had our 20 week ultra sound on Friday. We found out that we have one intact Creature on our hands. Here is a shot of his perfectly formed feet!

And here is Creature's scary Halloween face!
And finally, what you see here is a profile shot of our beautiful BOY Creature!
(And yes, it IS what we were hoping for, and no, we wouldn't have been any less happy if it turned out to be a girl Creature.)


Amber said...

What a beautiful looking boy Creature!

tom deslongchamp said...

So is this going to change Creature's name to Boy Creature, or Boy, or will it remain Creature? or something else??