Friday, October 9, 2009

Creature Chronicles: Creature Rides Again

Beginning of Week 19:

Let me get you caught up. Here is week 17:

In this pic she reminds me of Elaine on Seinfeld when she's pissed.

The week 18 pics are somewhere—SOMEWHERE!—but we seem to have misplaced that camera.

So here Jess is at week 19!

And now meet Creature at 19 weeks!

That's right, our little buddy is the size of a healthy, non chemically enhanced heirloom tomato! Creature rides again simply because I finally got another Creature Chronicle up—a feat which many of you, I'm sure, thought would never happen. I could complain about how busy I've been and how hard it all is, but that would be just a little too American for my taste. I think we should all just be glad that Tomato Creature is here and feeling great.

So October 1st was a very important day: It was the first time that Jess felt Creature really move. Since then I have been able to feel him fumble around a little bit. It's amazing what tangible progress will do to change your perception. Before feeling him move I guess, for me at least, he existed more in my mind than in this world. When I felt him move it was like he was moving into space-time for the first time. That either makes me fairly typical or quite insensitive; I'll let the angels decide.

The pregnancy is going SO well, and we are very thankful for that. Jessica's morning sickness has passed. But she is getting a lot of nose bleeds and headaches, and those are certainly no fun. Right now she is paralyzed on the couch with a skull-rending headache. You can pray for her if you think about it—I give you permission, you don't even have to ask.

We are now exactly one week away from finding out if we have a boy Creature or a girl Creature! What's it gonna be?

Stay tuned...


yourenotyour said...

Jessica you look so cute!
And it sounds like you already think it's a boy because you were referring to the baby as a he... got any names yet?

Unknown said...

Jess, you look great! Will you guys be sharing if it's a boy or a girl with the rest of the world? Oh, please do! ;) Jason, thanks for working so hard and sharing these updates. :)

tom deslongchamp said...

I believe we have that missing camera. I think it's in our trunk! I forgot about it.