Thursday, August 27, 2009

Creature Chronicles: Sayonara First Trimester!

Beginning of Week 13:

Oh the things you've missed. But that's not really your fault, I'm the one who's doing the blogging here, and I also work like a freaking dog, so forgive me if the blogs don't flow like wine, but what can you do? Unfortunately you missed Creatures entire turn as a lime. He went from fig to lime, a half ounce lime, and this week he's a shrimp.

I'm underwhelmed.

What exactly is the science that backs this up? In what iteration of this world is a shrimp larger and more formidable than a lime? Try eating ten shrimp and then ten limes and then tell me which one fills you up quite a bit more. Perhaps the problem is I've labored under the false understanding that fetal growth is a straight line, one way process. If he's a lime, then a shrimp, then I guess early fetal development consists of various growing and shrinking until you get things just right. Makes sense, I guess.

At any rate Jess and I were very excited to have our first visit with our awesome OBGYN. She told us everything was looking great, and that every little bump and creak that Jessica has experienced is completely normal. We got to hear Creature's microscopic heartbeat, a steady 160 BPM. It's rather insane to think little Creature is in Jessica's body, mucking around, heart beating and body doubling in size (allegedly) every week or so—but a doctor told us it was happening so we have to believe it.

This next part I probably shouldn't tell you about. I'm sure most people aren't as lucky as we are, so I don't want you going out expecting this will happen to you. We were explaining to the doctor that Jess' twin is convinced that we are having twins. The doctor had felt my wife's womb, on the outside, and said she felt like a very normal size, but you never know. When the visit was over we were getting our things together alone in the examination room, and then the doctor popped her head in the door and said, "Hey, do you want to take a look on the ultrasound machine?" No way! A free ultrasound with the doctor, talk about Christmas come early (seeing as how they run about $500 or so). So we got to see our little Creature, yes just one Creature, and it was amazing. Jess would laugh and Creature would react. He was bopping around doing his tiny baby thing. It was a pleasure to finally get to see him after thinking and reading so much about him.

In a mere five weeks we get to find out if it's a He-Creature or a She-Creature! Earlier today I was Twittering on the difficulties of picking a name for a new baby person. If you get a chance, please give me any wisdom you can muster on name-giving philosophy. It can't be too weird, and it can't be too common, it's got to be just right.


Neidy said...

Congrats to you both! That is so awesome! I have to say that picking names is definitely a difficult task. I loved the names I picked for my kids, but it took months, and months. I would say, get a hold of baby name books, and just sit down together with paper and pen and go through it. Write down any names that catch your attention. Then go through the list. Mark off those that you changed your mind on, add new ones that you find and as the weeks go by you'll probably get down to your top five. That's how we've always done it and it's worked for us. Well, good luck! I can give you some of my faves if you like...

yourenotyour said...

Aww you guys!! Soooo exciting that you got to see your baby! Can't wait for March! And you're not planning on using only J names are you?

Unknown said...

Aw man, I kinda got use to calling him lime-baby. It doesn't sound as cute to call him shrimp-baby, but I guess next week he will grow into something else. haha :)
I am so excited for you two, or rather, three!!!

Melissa Kelley said...

Jason: Your stories are always fun to read. As for names, I have to say, Neidy has the right idea. A book with lots of suggestions is not only helpful, but can provide hours of entertainment. HOURS!
My helpful reminder is to consider what the initials spell. For example, with the last name Kelley, we avoided names like Fern Ursula and Kevin Kyle.
Again, congratulations!
:) MelKel

JD said...

Thanks for the advice guys! Jess and I agree we're going to go with Neidy's approach, and we will also keep MelKel's sage wisdom in mind as Dale Unger or Beatrice Ann.