Thursday, August 6, 2009

Creature Chronicles: Lil' Kumquat

Beginning of Week 10:

Our beloved Creature is now the size of a delectable kumquat. When Jess told me that I kinda got freaked out because when she said kumquat I pictured eggplant—does anyone else have that problem? So I was like holy geez this kid was a quarter a few days ago and now he just ballooned up to kumquat like that. I did some quick research on kumquats and found out they're only about an inch or so long. That makes a lot more sense. But you don't have to believe me, see for yourself:

Anyway, Bear (that's Jessica, but you don't get to call her that only I get to call her that) is doing really really good and I'm really proud of her. Come sickness or weird cravings or detoothing, Jessica was born to be pregnant.

Yes, I did say detoothing. Jess had made it half way up the stairs the other day when the feeling came upon her. She knew she had about 5 to 7 seconds to get to a receptacle sickness overtook her. She ended up having a crash landing at the toilet, her grace and part of a tooth becoming a casualty. At the time it was trés frightening, but now it will just be a good story to razz Creature about when he's old enough to understand what he did to Mommy.

(For any concerned, my wife chooses to laugh rather than cry over the incident, and when I asked if I could write about it she graciously granted my request.)

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