Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Official: Dogs Are Now People

I read that if you want people to go to your blog you've got to have catchy titles for your posts, hence the nonsense that roped you into reading this claptrap.

But wait, there is a hint of truth to the title. If you've known me for any length of time then you know that I spend large swaths of time wondering on, and surmising, what goes through my dog Gretel's brain. The more I watch and psychoanalyze her the more I realize that dogs are much more complex than my Sunday School and science teachers lead me to believe. But I am only a lowly and (very) unscientific man and no one would listen to my aching and drawn out cries in the darkness about the bum rap that dogs were getting. Much to my everlasting disappointment my voice has not been enough, but help has finally arrived.

Now you no longer need to rely on my rapier intuition to know the inter workings of dog-kind:

Science has proven that dogs have souls!

I guess they are issuing a soul if a thing that breathes is aware that they have moral choices to make; to which I say, "well that's interesting." I mean, I don't know if I buy it or anything, but you've got to admit it's fun to think of doggy souls.

Since I know you're probably not going to read the whole article so let me tell you about my favorite part. One of the ways they detected the existence of canine morals was that when the doggies play, the ones who nip and bite too hard get excluded from playtime. They also signal to each other when they get together and get all riled up that it's all in good fun.

Makes me feel a little bit better about the fact that if I had been born a dog (which I sometimes think about) I would enjoy myself more than I previously thought I would.

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dear_prudence said...

Nice article. But is it instinct or insight that provokes a moral choice?