Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Final Dispatch From the Edge

Day 87, the last:

Amos 5:24—But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

And so it comes to a close. To the chagrin of some, the delight of many, and the bitter-sweet rejoicement of your humble blogger, I have found a job. It is just the slightest bit of bitter-sweet because I did enjoy rolling out to you my exaggerated fears, my daily activities that spooled out from the roll like so much wasted toilet paper and all the little moments in between.

A job has found me and it has found me well; tomorrow shall mark my reentry into the world of employment. The sweet nectar of the gods Zeus and Aphrodite have me awash in glorious splendor and various phrasologies course through my mind ("40 hours a week!" "I won't be living on the streets!" "I get to complain about coworkers again!").

Unfortunately Gretel has chosen to spurn me; she's been giving me the cold shoulder ever since I sat her down and explained the change to her.

I just think she has really enjoyed buddying up and getting to know me better, and of course I feel the same way, but things change and I don't know why Gretel can't see that. I'm going to give her a hunk of raw meat and hope that shall suffice for making ammends. I'm sure that it will.

Of course I shall continue to blog, but it shall be as one who is employed, so therefor my sympathy and identification with the lowly and down and out shall begin to atrophe, then erode until I am riding along in a high and mighty carriage and not dropping any crumbs to the lesserthans as I almost run them over without a thought. But what can you do, it's human nature.

Finally, you all are pretty smart people, so I'm sure you know what this new found job means: the unemployment robe shall need to be retired. I hear the screams and cries rippling throughout the greater SeaTukBurDes area and I feel the exact same way. Believe me I do. So I thought I'd leave you with a parting gift.

And the pic is hella symbolic because it's like I'm wearing the robe which symbolizes my unemployment, but underneath I'm pretty much dressed to the nines because I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life of actually becoming a real boy again who has responsibilities and it's deep.

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jennyroseanne said...

Very deep & very entertaining! "my sympathy and identification with the lowly and down and out shall begin to atrophe, then erode"! You are so funny Jason! Well, your unemployment was actually pretty short lived as far as those things go but you definitely used it for all it was worth ... thanks for sharing all your hilarious highs & lows of the experience. Now just don't let your blogging life atrophe, then erode.