Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lunch Time @ Central Command

At last lunch had arrived! I had been blogging away and browsing through so many jobs that I didn't even here the wifey coming. But Gretel began to go off like a dog shot in the face, and so I knew she had arrived!

She's my little movie star! And check this one out, I love that moment right when a person walks through a door:

She only has an hour and it takes 8.2 minutes to get home, so we had to snap into action quick. First things first, dogs!

(Are you kidding me?! I can't rotate the picture? I have
to be able to rotate the picture!)

What comes after dogs? You guessed it (and I'll even give you a wry smile to show you you're onto something).


And we don't go in for any of that lips and hooves nonsense—we do the 100% beef dogs, baby.

Meanwhile Jess decided to snap a picture of my awesome day wear.

But back to the task at hand. If you're going to do a proper wiener roast then you need a proper amount of onions.

My whole philosophy is that if you can see dog, then clearly you don't have enough onions. That onion there is only the first of seven.

I thought I was done taking pictures of the onion situation, but Jess said, "Wait, you have to get the best part, that's when they get diced."

Out on the grill things were coming along pretty well.

But right after this photo, tragedy struck:

The hotdog jumped ship and crashed to the ground. I let out a cry of devastation and quickly picked up the injured, dirtied dog and began to run it towards the kitchen.

"Do not run that under the water!" Bellowed Jessica.

"I'll eat it if you're not going to," she said. She really is my hero—I couldn't have eaten the thing. And so it was restored to it's rightful position on the grill.

And so this became the meal that the Lord had so aptly lain before us:

Jess couldn't wait to dig on in—seriously, I had to scream at her to wait until I had taken the picture.

Jess began to prepare her food.

"I hate the concept of mayonnaise," she said as she spread it on her bun.

Then I took a bite and experienced nirvana.

Then she took a bite and gazed deeply into my eyes.

Then I seriously thought that my hotdog had said something to me.

That's when I think she realized how goofy this would all look on the internet.

Then Gretel saw us and wondered why she wasn't getting any action.

So we gave her action.

Then it was all over much too quickly.

We had finished our meal, and with sad eyes she told me that she must leave.

She asked why it had to be this way. "No one should have to work today," she said.

She's right.

And now she's gone.

Until 6 o'clock, anyway.

I am missing you, my darling.


Jessica DesLongchamp said...

I am missing you you two my little blogging King!

Wow, it's weird to see stuff we just did today on here, haha. For sure you would be insane to have put that hot dog under water, gross! It would lose all it's hot-grilled-goodness, a little dirt never killed anyone... well, then again.

I'm your little movie star!

jennyroseanne said...

How sweety sweet! For some reason it reminded me of reading The Five Little Peppers in The Little Brown House back in the day.